Fine Arts

The basis of my art skills come from the study of Fine Arts. I was lucky to have mentors/instructors that showed how to bypass the ego of control and explore painterly expressions. Having bypassed the ego, speed and delivery of images poured out without the need of possession of a painting/image.  Always the basic rules of composition, color theory, implied lines, and the joy and surprise of a loaded brush delivering color to canvas sat in the background, as my art language was well learned. Fortunately I studied Interior Design at the same time. What a contrast of art delivery.

Black Fox
40″ X 48″ Oil on Canvas

Hawk and Old Building
48″ x 40″ Oil on Canvas

Eagle Hunting
40″ x 48″ Oil on Canvas

Lynix Sightseeing
48″ x 40″ Oil on Canvas
Elk Watching
40″ x 48″ Oil on Canvas

Horse and 3 Birds
48″ x 40″ Oil on Canvas

Sisters Visting

Owl and Coyote
48″ x 38″ Oil on Canvas      SOLD