Jack Snowden

Portfolio: http://www.jacksnowden.com

Phone: (425) 890-0214   E-mail: nighoks@gmail.com


TITLES to Market

1080 Avalanche (Game Cube), Wave Race – Blue Storm (Game Cube), Bionic Commando (Game Boy), Pokemon Attack (N64), Pokemon Puzzle League (German, French N64) Machinex (Wii) canceled; Time Trip; Pyramids; MightyMathNumberHeroes, AstroAlgebra, and ThinkingThings:  SkyIslandMysteries, World Tour Tennis (PC); Soccer (PC); Stunts (PC); Skitchin(Genesis); ‘NBA (PC)


VR and AR development, Project Manager, Substance Designer, Substance Painter,Unity3d, UDK, Maya, 3D Studio Max, Photoshop, Mudbox, Zbrush, Painter, Illustrator, Flash, After Effects, Corel Painter, Premier, Video Fusion, Director, Microsoft Project Manager, World Machine, DDO, NDO, Crazybump, Xnormal, 3D_Coat, MeshLab, Sketchup,.



Laughing Mountain Productions (freelance)  Free Lance Artist and Owner          2013 – Present    

Indie Game Development – level design and asset development for various companies, Developing Architecture and Contract Builder’s rendering for impending projects, Concept art,  management of small business.


Microsoft – Studio H                                                         

  • Help develop lighting with AO and reflective water technique
  • Develop texturing using PBR, HDR, light probes and reflective probes
  • Develop a texture library for other artist to use.
  • Pre-lighting with Arnold in Maya

address: Microsoft Studio H,3850 148th Ave NE, Redmond, WA 98052 (Randstad was the contracting company, 10900 NE 8th Street, Bellevue, WA 98004)   technologies: 425.998.9460


Jenson Marketing (contract – part time)         Senior Artist                                        Nov. 2014 – Present, Seattle, WA

  • Develop 3d visual presentation
  • Created concept drawings
  • Worked with Unity for prototype development
  • Created artwork for websites

address:  Seattle, WA   (425) 825-9235


WarGaming America,        Senior Environment Artist,              Sept 2013 – Oct.2014, Austin, Texas             

  • Worked with Unity Terrain builder, World Machine, Google Earth developing look of terrain for concept artists, helping develop the design/game bible for art team production.
  • Lighting artist, using HDR technology and physically based rendering tools
  • Texture creation using Substance Designer and Painter to create realistic light reaction to textures.
  • Establishing lighting quality, color palette and texture quality.
  • Schedule team
  • Working with team in-house to develop the money shots of the games.
  • Managed offshore artists, reviewing and giving direction on/for their work for concept and art assets development.
  • Agile process for milestone deliveries.
  • Problem solving with team on ALL production issues.
  • Worked with artist to developing various texture maps using Quixel and Substance Designer/Painter. Establishing the look and feel of  the game.
  • Accumulate best practice knowledge for team production efficiency.
  • Develop cross-studio communication for best practice and streamlined pipeline.


Art Institute of Seattle,       Academic Director,           Game Art & Design, Media Arts & Anim. Programs,

June 2008 – Sept 2012

  • Revamped department, curriculum, and quality of student work to entry level industry standards – achieving 85%  student placement of graduates
  • Higher level of communication between faculty and faculty to student, (less gaps in educational material)
  • Managing 19 faculty and 413 students in both programs
  • Faculty scheduling, budget and salaries reviews
  • Designed and rewrote curriculum competencies for building student knowledge base improving student retention and graduation numbers
  • Community awareness, development for helping place students in the workforce
  • Student advising and quality review of all artwork (portfolio)
  • Department speaker
  • Teaching lighting, modeling and texture creation.


Art Institute of Seattle,       Professor in Game Art & Design, Media Arts & Animation

Teaching: Unity3d, Maya game modeling, Photoshop, Mudbox, Zbrush, level design, digital paint, 3d modeling, materials and lighting, 3d game development, texture/UV mapping, lighting and psychology of visual game play.

address: 2323 Elliott Ave, Seattle, WA 98121 · (206) 448-6600 (Scott Carnz, Dean)


Nintendo Software Technology Inc.,               Lead 3D Artist    June 1999 – Sept 2008, Redmond, WA
    Course design; play/course layout, modeling, lighting, texturing

  •  Developed process for advanced art development of backgrounds for DS
  • Lighting artist, using vertex burn and texture burn.
  • Established the look of product.
  • Budgets
  • Managing team
  • Asset, texture and palette manager
  • Lead background artist for the DS and Wii
  • 3D Environments maintained with continual quality control and creativity
  • Served as one of the Level Designers for 1080 Avalanche and  project Machinex (project cancelled)

address: 4600 150th Ave Ne, Redmond, WA 98052   (425) 882-2040



  • Washington State University
    F.A, Major Area of Study:  Painting, Graphic Design,
  • Fort Wright College (Heritage College), Spokane, WA
    F.A., Major Area of Study:  Painting/Graphics Design, Minor Education
  • Cornish School of Allied Arts, Seattle, WA
    Interior Design